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What is WePhone?

In a world where staying connected is more important than ever, finding an affordable way to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues across the globe is a necessity. Enter Wephone, the app that promises to revolutionize how we make phone calls. Offering an intuitive user interface and competitive pricing, Wephone is the perfect solution for those looking to save money on their phone bills without sacrificing quality. With crystal-clear voice quality and an extensive network of supported countries, this app quickly becomes the go-to choice for international callers.

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to make phone calls? Look no further than Wephone mod Apk, the moded version of the popular app for making cheap international calls. With the Wephone mod Apk, you can enjoy free, high-quality calls from anywhere worldwide. You can also take advantage of the many features that come with the app, such as caller ID, call forwarding, and voicemail. With the help of this moded version, you can make phone calls more easily and conveniently.

WePhone Apk Info

WePhone is an amazing app developed by WePhone that allows users to make cheap phone calls from their smartphones. With over 10M downloads, WePhone has earned a 3.9-star rating from its users. The current version of WePhone is 23022015, and it requires Android 4.4 and up. It was released on Jun 28, 2013.

What’s new in the version of WePhone Apk?

  • Get ready to revolutionize how you register for apps and websites with our Verification Code Helper. It now comes equipped to send and receive text messages, making the sign-up process faster.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of listening to voice messages. Our new speech-to-text feature converts all your voice and recording messages into text and supports various languages.
  • Looking for an affordable way to stay connected in the UK? Choose an annual subscription for a UK phone number and save up to 46% on your bill.
  • Want to make it easy for customers to reach you? Subscribe to our Toll-Free phone numbers and give them a hassle-free way to contact you.
  • Keep track of your credit recharge history with ease. Our app now allows you to check your recharge history for up to 12 months prior, giving you complete control over your usage and expenses.

Feature of Wephone Apk

Low-Cost International Calls:

With Wephone, you can make international calls at a much lower cost than traditional phone carriers. This is particularly useful for people who frequently communicate abroad with friends, family, or business contacts.

High-Quality Voice Calls:

Wephone offers high-quality voice calls that use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. This technology ensures that your calls are crystal-clear and free from interruptions.

Text Messaging:

Wephone also allows you to send text messages to contacts around the world. This is a great option if you need to send a quick message or if you want to avoid the cost of a phone call.

Group Messaging:

With group messaging, you can easily send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously. This feature is ideal for coordinating with a group of people or for sending updates to friends and family.

Instant Messaging:

Wephone also offers an instant messaging feature to chat with contacts in real-time. This is a great way to communicate quickly without making a phone call.

Call Recording:

If you need to record a phone call, Wephone has you covered. This feature allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls with ease.

Caller ID:

With caller ID, you can easily see who is calling you before you answer the phone. This is particularly useful if you receive many calls from unknown or unsolicited numbers.

Conference Calling:

With Wephone, you can easily set up conference calls with multiple contacts. This feature is ideal for business meetings or group discussions.


If you cannot answer a call, Wephone’s voicemail feature ensures the caller can message you. You can then listen to the message at a later time.

Call Forwarding:

With call forwarding, you can redirect calls to another phone number. This is useful if you need to switch between different devices or cannot answer a call.

International Phone Numbers:

Wephone offers a range of international phone numbers that you can choose from. This is useful for establishing a local presence in a foreign country.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers:

Toll-free phone numbers are free for callers and ideal for businesses that want to offer customer support or other services.

Speech-to-Text Conversion:

Wephone’s speech-to-text feature allows you to convert voice messages into text. This is useful if you’re in a situation where you can’t listen to a voice message.

Verification Code Helper:

This feature helps you register for apps and websites quickly by sending and receiving text messages to and from the app or website.

Credit Recharge History:

Wephone lets you view your credit recharge history for up to 12 months. This helps you keep track of your expenses and usage over time.

What is the WePhone Mod apk?

WePhone mod Apk is a modified version of the original WePhone app that provides users free international phone calls. The mod apk saves users money by eliminating charges associated with regular international calling plans. With WePhone mod Apk, users can enjoy free calls to any destination worldwide and free text messages and audio calls. The app includes features like group call support, recording, and various international call plans.

Download Wephone MOD APK for Android

Are you looking for a convenient way to make phone calls? If so, you should look no further than the Wephone mod Apk. This is a modified version of the original WePhone app that provides you with free phone call options. With this app, you can save money on your phone bills while making calls with crystal-clear quality. You can find the Wephone MOD APK for Android on MOD APK Journal, where you can get the latest version and enjoy all its great features. Download it today and start making cheaper phone calls!

Good speed and no viruses! Our site offers fast download speeds and a secure, virus-free experience. You can easily download the file without registering or SMS verification.

Download Wephone Mod APK

Features of WePhone mod apk

Unlimited Free Calls:

With WePhone mod Apk, users can make unlimited free calls to any phone number worldwide.

Easy Setup:

Setting up WePhone mod Apk is easy and takes just a few taps. All users must do is install the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

International Calling Plans:

Users can buy international calling plans from WePhone and make calls to any country at a fraction of the cost.

Video Calling:

The app supports video calling for all versions of Android devices.

HD Voice Quality:

All voice and video calls made through WePhone mod Apk are clear and of high quality.

In-App Messaging:

Users can send messages, photos, videos, and files directly from the WePhone app.

Custom Caller ID:

Users can set a custom caller ID when making calls with WePhone mod Apk.

No Call Drops:

WePhone mod Apk ensures that there are no call drops while making calls and that the user experience is not affected.

Share Audio & Video:

WePhone mod Apk allows users to share audio and video recordings from their device with other contacts or groups.

Mute & Unmute Calls:

The app allows users to mute and unmute their calls with a single tap.

Access Contacts:

WePhone mod Apk enables users to access and view their contacts from the app.

Low Data Consumption:

This moded app requires minimal data consumption and does not drain your battery.

Privacy & Security:

All communication over WePhone mod Apk is secured with end-to-end encryption, ensuring user data remains safe and secure.


Is WePhone mod apk safe to use?

Yes, the WePhone mod apk is completely safe and secure to use. It has been thoroughly tested and is regularly updated with security patches and improvements.

Is WePhone mod apk free?

Yes, the WePhone mod apk is completely free to download and use.

Does the WePhone mod apk work on all Android devices?

Yes, the WePhone mod apk is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.4 or higher.

Can I make international calls with the WePhone mod apk?

You can make domestic and international calls with the WePhone mod apk.

Are there any hidden costs associated with using the WePhone mod apk?

No hidden costs are associated with using the WePhone mod apk. All of the features and services are provided for free.

Does WePhone mod apk offer quality call?

Yes, the WePhone mod apk provides crystal clear voice quality for all calls made using the app.

Is WePhone mod apk ad-free?

Yes, the WePhone mod apk is completely ad-free so that you can enjoy uninterrupted calling.

Final Thoughts

The wephone mod Apk is a great way to make free phone calls from your Android device. It offers a wide range of features, making it a great choice for anyone looking to save money on their phone bills. With its low price, it’s easy to see why many people choose Wephone mod Apk as their go-to app for calling and messaging. The app also provides a secure connection, ensuring all calls and messages are secure and encrypted. Wephone mod Apk is an excellent choice for those who want to stay in touch without spending too much money.



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